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Digital marketing could take different forms, and one of its several forms is email marketing. Email marketing is a type of internet marketing that occurs when a company sends promotional messages or materials to groups of people by email. These messages typically contain advertisements, commercial messages, sales or donation requests, or a business call.

Advantages of email marketing

Email marketing is popular with companies for the following reasons:

  • An exact return on investment can be tracked. It has been shown to be high when done correctly. Email marketing is often reported as the second after search marketing as the most effective marketing tactic.
  • Compared to traditional mail, email marketing is cheaper and faster than traditional mail. Traditional mail takes time to produce the artwork, print, address, and mail.
  • Email provides a cost-effective method to test a variety of marketing content. This includes visual, marketing and multimedia creative resources. Data collected through testing on the email channel can be used across all print and digital marketing campaign channels.
  • Advertisers can reach a significant number of email subscribers who have chosen to receive email communications on topics that interest them.
  • Compared to standard email, direct email marketing produces a higher response rate and a higher average order value for e-commerce companies.

Disadvantages of email marketing

Here are some of the downsides to email marketing.

  • Mail can be classified as spam. People’s inboxes are flooded with email, both requested and unsolicited. Many servers have filters to reduce the amount of spam emails. People can also further adjust their email filters to their own liking. This could cause the email to land in a spam folder and never be seen.
  • Email marketing requires constant adjustments to keep subscribers engaged. The seller must work to maintain a level of engagement to prevent the reader from unsubscribing. Another thing to work on is carefully designing email marketing so that it looks exactly as the marketer imagined

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