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Google AdWords commonly known as Google Ads can help you boost your business and help you gain more visibility. However, certain rules and regulations should be respected in choosing and creating your keywords. Why go through the stress? Let the professional handle your google Ads for a greater result.

Four don’ts of Google Ads

1. Don’t choose irrelevant Keywords

Google Ads helps businesses to generate traffic. That urge to get traffic can lead one to make poor decisions when setting up an AdWords strategy. I.e.:  a business might decide to run ads for broader and high-volume keywords only to notice that their ROI is not as good as targeted ones.

Using relevant keywords over keywords with the highest search volume gives better results. The best way to advance with keyword selection is to identify the keywords that are relevant to your own business. They will generate certainly fewer clicks, but the clicks you get will be far more likely to convert. Additionally, your CPA and CTR will be much better!

2. Don’t underestimate your Landing Page

Do you know that no matter how good your AdWords strategy is, most of your conversions still come from your landing page? Remember this when planning your campaigns, and ensure to align your keywords, ads, and landing pages. Optimizing the effectiveness of the landing page is essential to the success of online marketing strategies.

3. Don’t focus on your competitors

Showing up on top of the search results for your target keywords is a great goal. However, before investing the bulk of your marketing budget into chasing the highest rankings, are you sure that your plan is a profitable strategy for your business? What metrics do you use to confirm ROI solely from a high ranking? Is it even quantifiable?

Pay-per-click marketing requires smart strategies focused on measurable results (leads or sales) rather than on results for which it becomes hard to show ROI (such as showing up as number one on Google’s paid results). Just ranking high isn’t enough. You need to show how that ranking relates to your conversion strategy, too.

4. Don’t put all keywords into a single ad group

Segmenting your advert groups is important if you want a positive ROI. There are several reasons for doing so:

  • You can create ads specifically tailored to your keywords
  • Increased Click-Through-Rates ultimately help you generate a better-quality score
  • Your advert will stand out from those of your competitors

Google AdWords experts in Charlotte, NC 

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