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Online marketing experts in Charlotte say that it’s helpful to understand the typical path a person takes on the way toward becoming your customer and this path is illustrated by the marketing funnel.

The path steps in this marketing funnel are:

  • Awareness of the existence of a product
  • Interest in evaluating the product’s benefits
  • Desire for the product
  • Action by trying or purchasing the product

The marketing funnel has many variations and modifications, such as the sales funnel, purchase funnel, and conversion funnel, but any funnel-inspired model depicts two primary ideas which are:

  • The sequence of steps a person takes to change (or “convert,” in marketing speak) from a non-customer to a customer, or from inaction to action (an action could mean making a purchase, but it could also mean a smaller step like subscribing to a newsletter)
  • The process of sifting that happens to your audience, as your pool of potential customers narrows down to your pool of actual customers

Online marketing funnel, why does it matter

The purpose of understanding this sequence is to ensure that the transition between each step is as smooth as possible. It’s natural to expect that there will be some drop-off — you can’t please everyone, so not all your potential customers will become your actual customers. But keeping an eye on how people move through this process, and where people tend to drop off, gives you an idea of how to improve.

For example, did you create an effective online ad that got people’s attention, but when people visited the product page on your website, they quickly clicked away? That means you’re doing well with awareness but need to improve on interest by making the product page clearer or engaging.

Online marketing approaches

Online marketing experts say that the good news is there are numerous potential approaches for moving potential customers toward becoming actual customers. Teaming up with a digital agency, you can relax and see customers rolling in.

Your next steps

Hire a professional digital company to help your business grow. They will take the time to sketch out a marketing funnel for your business and review it with you. Then you can pick several marketing approaches you can take to start spreading the word about your small business. Bingo!

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