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What is search engine optimization?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to strategies used to make websites easier to find through online searches, SEO includes directory listings that contain the name, address, contact number, and any other information for users to be able to connect businesses they want to engage with. Directory listings help to create more visibility for your brand and help you to connect better with customers. Search engine marketing is one of the most efficient online marketing strategies when it comes to creating more visibility for a brand or business.

Don’ts of SEO

SEO requires that many details are being kept in mind when you using it. Search engine optimization don’ts include the following; don’t put all your keywords on one page but make sure you share the relevant keywords across the pages. This will help visitors have clarity of what each page is about. The second don’t of SEO is stuffing the keywords. This makes the content unnatural and will result in visitors losing interest in it.

SEO also requires that you don’t ignore reviews, whether positive or negative ones. It is important to reply to every comment; this will help ensure that your customers are satisfied. It also requires that you don’t make any significant changes to your webpage without seeking advice from an expert to help you make good choices.

SEO requires that you don’t link back to websites that link yours because Google does not like to see links exchange through link trading.

Dos of SEO

SEO does include making sure you have a relevant social media presence by keeping your social media profiles up to date. It also requires that you post new content and have interactions with other social media accounts.

SEO also requires that you do incorporate the important keywords naturally into your content without overstuffing the keywords in your content that should relate to the title of your page. It also requires that you do earn links from other websites without you linking back to them.

SEO requires that you create and verify a Google+ page for your business or brand. This is a social network created by Google and they have stated clearly that brands that are not verified on it are at the risk of becoming irrelevant in the search rankings.

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