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SEO does not always mean relying on expensive experts who carry out mysterious actions with unknown tools. Most SEO actions consist in the execution of simple practices, most of the time neglected or, sometimes, completely absent.

Here are simple SEO actions that you can also carry out in by yourself, aimed at improving the positioning on Google of your site. Of course, if you want to do them yourself, you’d better have a bit of experience. Otherwise, it’s best to go to a digital consultant or SEO consultant.

Optimize content for users and for Google

Reread the texts on your site and, for each piece of content, be sure to clarify the key point to your reader right away. If your page serves to clarify a doubt, immediately provide the answer in the first few lines, and use the rest of the content to learn more. Don’t use suspense, which works very well in novels, but doesn’t work on the web. Don’t go around the problem. Give the solution immediately.

Content structured in this way is not only more appreciated by your users, but also by Google’s algorithms, and ranks better.

Create magnetic and catchy titles

The title is the first and most important lever that will push your user to read your content. The title of your content is also what will be presented in the Google search result, along with the titles of other competing content. Therefore, write it very, very carefully and expertly. Write headlines better than your competitors write them. Do better.

Although SEO could be very technical and require being an expert or employing the services of an expert to be successful with it, there are some seo activities you can carry out on your own. Especially of you have the time to spare. Many of the activities stated in this article can be easily executed. But as always, it is best advised to employ the services of an expert to save you the time of learning to do all these.

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