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What does social media marketing mean?       

Social media marketing refers to a marketing strategy that involves the use of online platforms to advertise products and services and to promote business brands. It entails posting content about a brand such as clips, pictures, articles, etc. on social media platforms. Some of the most common platforms include Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.

Why use social media for marketing?

Social media marketing is a very affordable and convenient method of reaching out to customers from your comfort zone. It also allows you to meet new potential clients and customers from different places.

It is one of the very marketing strategies that allow you to get feedback and reviews from customers to enable you to make improvements.

Social media marketing strategies you should avoid

Social media marketing needs to be handled appropriately for it to be efficient. However, certain entrepreneurs use it wrong. Here are some mistakes to avoid.

Posting content once in a while

This is a bad marketing strategy because without consistency you cannot gain a good social presence. As a social media marketer, you must upload content on your page as often as possible to keep customers hooked always. However, it is important to note that posting too much or unnecessarily can lead to customers losing interest in your content.

Not paying attention to comments and reviews

Most marketers overlook the importance of customer feedback which will result in less satisfied customers and eventually poor sales. It is important to take into consideration the feedback you receive from customers to help you improve when you need to.

Avoid spam

Spam may seem like a good marketing strategy but in most cases, it is a bad idea. Most people are irritated by spam and are most likely not to patronize brands that constantly bother them with unwanted texts and emails.

Discrediting other brands

Using your brand to attack or bring down other brands is a very bad online marketing strategy. Most marketers tend to believe that if they discredit other brands, they promote they’re but that is wrong. Nobody wants to associate with negativity so if you post with negative intentions, you might just discourage your customers and potential customers.

Political opinion

Another bad marketing strategy is making use of political opinions. As an online marketer, you shouldn’t publicly take political sides because this might generate tension between you and some of your customers who share different opinions or beliefs.

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