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What does website design mean?

Website design refers to the page appearance or layout that is displayed on your screen when you visit a page on the internet. Have you ever visited a webpage and immediately felt the urge to keep reading the content? Or did you get bored as soon as you started reading? Maybe because the blend of colors was appealing or the illustrations were interesting? Maybe the page looked clumsy? Well, that is what website design is all about.

Load time is very important

The photos and content of a website need to load in less than 3 seconds. More than that, and your prospective customers will lose interest, and the site won’t rank well in the search engines. Large photos may slow down the load time.

Responsive design

It’s important for the website to be responsive to all devices. Is your website easy to read on a phone or tablet? These are all very important items to remember when designing a website.

Website design is very crucial in online marketing because if it appeals to users, they might just be motivated to patronize the brand. As insignificant as it seems, a website design can make or mar a business brand because your website is an online page that gives information about your business.

This is why you must invest in a design that is not only appealing but also responsive and easy to use.

Best website design in Charlotte NC

There are many different themes in WordPress, some better than others. Sometimes, it’s difficult to choose which one is right for your business. When hiring a professional, it’s always easier to describe the design you want, than to choose the theme. Your professional designer can create your website using the theme of their choice- one that has regular updates and works well in search engines. It’s important to find a theme that stays current to WordPress updates and works alongside other plugins.

Best website designer in Charlotte, NC

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