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Website design is crucial to the success of your business. If you have a business, you want a website, and that website needs to be designed professionally. This isn’t the time to call your cousin or have your high school or college kid design your site. You want a website that looks as professional as your business; it’s not time to cut corners and save money.

DIY website design

Yes- there are do-it-yourself website design sites like GoDaddy, Square Space, and Wix, but do you really want your business to look DIY? This is your business! Even startup businesses need to have a professional design, from day one. You can upgrade to an e-commerce site at a later date, or add more content, but it’s important to have a professional design from the very beginning.

Mobile and responsive websites

Your website should be responsive to all devices. It should not matter if someone views your site on a phone, computer, or tablet- it should “respond” to the size of the device and make it easy to see and user-friendly for your prospective client.

Calls to action

Your website design should include Calls to Action in them. It’s important to give people directions where to go to contact you, and provide options, such as forms, phone call, or even chat.

Functionality vs Website design

Interestingly- the prettier a site doesn’t mean it will sell better or drive more customers to your products or services. You need a solid backend- with plugins that help SEO; a regularly updated website and pages written with content that relates to your keywords.

Google looks for a website that is maintained and updated, has content regularly added and relates to the keywords people are searching. Who is your ideal client? The website design should relate to your ideal client.

Graphics are important too, along with white space. You don’t want a website design that’s over-cluttered. It’s important to be easy for the user to navigate the site. A minimalistic and clean design is ideal.

Simplify the menu

Make it easy for people to find what they need, quickly on your website. An ideal menu only contains a maximum of 5-7 items.

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